Friday, March 25, 2011

Statistics: What does the submission pile look like?

The New Sun editors have been hard at work reading through all your wonderful written and hand-crafted work. Thank you so much for your submissions - keep them coming!

You may be wondering what the submission pile looks like... Well, it's looking pretty! The standards are high and there are some wonderfully descriptive and emotive pieces coming through.

We love to read stories/poems and look at art that ignites the senses and paints a vibrant image of the Japanese, their country and their culture. We hate to have to reject a well-crafted piece of work because it dwells too much on recent events or emanates too much negativity, but we must keep to our intended purpose; to celebrate and honour the Japanese with this beautiful anthology.

So what are the statistics so far?

Stories (flash and longer works) : 31%
Poetry (haikus and longer poems) : 53%
Art (drawings, paintings, photography etc) : 11%

Over 50% of submissions are poetry, closely followed by 31% stories and a mere 11% art.

We'd love to see more art work coming in to accompany the beautiful written works in our anthology. Do you have a creation you'd like to share? Do you know any manga enthusiasts who could be informed about this opportunity?

Don't feel as though we no longer want or need stories and poetry - we are after more of all the categories, so keep them coming and keep spreading the word!

The closing date for submissions is the 11th April.

Good luck!