Monday, March 21, 2011

More Charity Writing Projects!

Wow, yes, okay. I have just heard about Write for Tohoku. My only excuse is that I've had my head down behind the scenes, trying to streamline our submission handling and begging for contributions from some amazing writers, and get the last bits of the site up.

It is so great to see how the literary community is organizing its resources to try and help people. And for Write for Tohoku, this is really close to home; they're in Japan. So, here is what they need:

We are a group of writers in Japan who are publishing an ebook to benefit survivors of the March 11, 2011 Tohoku-Kanto earthquake and tsunami. This project has two goals: to raise money for earthquake victims and to help overseas readers understand more about Japan and the kindness and hospitality of its people.

We invite all writers and translators in Japan to submit short pieces of writing (500-1000 words). We welcome travel stories, humor pieces, essays, translations from Japanese or other languages, interviews, profiles (of people or places) or other non-fiction work. Subject matter is up to you; we would like your writing to convey your take on the joys of traveling in Japan or the spirit of cooperation and togetherness demonstrated by residents of Japan after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

All proceeds from the sale of the ebook will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

Got that, guys? They want non-fiction and essays from writers and translators in Japan.


I have just heard of the mad-dash book project from Our Man in Abiko, JAPAN EARTHQUAKE: GET WRITING NOW!

He's aiming to get his book out TONIGHT!

He says:
I'm looking for contributions from anyone who has something to say about the earthquake. (eg where were you when it happened, what did you feel? How have you helped? Did it change anything in the way you live your life? Are you coping with grief? Or just bewildered behind a barrage of media images?)

I'm not looking for windy poetic stuff, just honest stuff.

Aim to write 250-300 words or so - equivalent to a short blog post (or one page of a book)

If you can contribute original (ie you have the copyright) artwork, a sketch drawing or cartoon that would be awesome too)

If you have any great tweets to submit - that would be great too.

Photos (that you took) would be really awesome.

Remember, he wants to publish ASAP, so if you got it, get it to him now.

Go. Help. Do good.