The Team

This is a completely volunteer project. Neither the wonderful contributors nor the team will receive a single penny for the work they have donated. It's all going to our nominated charity to support those in need in Japan.

Frankie Sachs started the project because she was looking for a project similar to 100 Stories for Haiti or 50 Stories for Pakistan where she could send a story for Japan.
There wasn’t one.

Through Dan Holloway’s miracle networking, Frankie got a quick lesson in the world of charity anthology organizing from Greg McQueen (creator of  100 Stories for Haiti and 50 Stories for Pakistan)

Sessha Batto and Solange Noir threw in their encouragement, support, and (considerable) dedication and talent.

From a flurry of twitter and emails, New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan was off and running.

The response was enormous and Frankie was inundated with offers of assistance. She quickly formed a tight group of editors and project assistants to work through the submissions and begin laying out the anthology.

Life got crazy for everyone and although the project stumbled a little, it’s back on track with a projected launch in September 2012. We hope its even sooner.

New Sun Rising project volunteers come from around the world. Collectively they have experience as writers, editors, film-makers, and artists. Several of the volunteers on New Sun Rising are old hands, they’ve been involved with the 100 Stories for Haiti, 50 Stories for Pakistan, and (or) 100 Stories for Queensland anthologies.

Below are the valued team members who have contributed to this project.


Annie Evett is a prolific scribbler of characters, weaver of story lines and wields a finely balanced editing razor. She infuses her eclectic writing and artwork with life experience drawn on years teaching, traversing the corporate landscape and motherhood. Annie is the creative energy behind the cutting edge collaborative writing project CYOA and is a contributing editor on a number of sites and publications.  Annie currently heads the editing team for the project, and feels blessed to have the expertise and wisdom of the others to allow her to do so.

Michelle Goode is a writer, freelance scriptreader and proofreader from Bedfordshire in the UK. Despite having gained a degree in French and Fine Art, a love of writing and editing has won her heart. During the past three years she’s had a comedy radio sketch and four comedy web show episodes produced, a short story published by Ether Books and has been a finalist for the prestigious Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award.

Sylvia Petter is an Australian writer based in Vienna and calls herself a kangaroo in Austria (despite the t-shirts that say there are none). Her stories appear in her collections, The Past Present and Back Burning, as well as in the charity anthologies, 100 Stories for Haiti, 50 Stories for Pakistan and 100 Stories for Queensland. She helps out with proofreading and marketing, and has just learned how to kindle.

Vaishali Shroff  has been accused of having a long standing affair with her pen. From having poetry published in newspapers as a teenager to writing movie scripts for animation studios, over a dozen stories for Chicken Soup anthologies by Westland Ltd., articles in various parenting magazines, children's stories filmed on, stories and poetry for the English Literature curriculum of the CBSE Education Board, India's Central Board for Secondary Education, she is waiting with twiddling thumbs for the release of her first illustrated book for children with Pratham Books.She also runs a reading and story-telling club for children and uses her toddler as an inspiration to see the world from a whole new perspective.  

We would like to acknowledge the following members of the original team who contributed enormously to the project:

Frankie Sachs’ literary qualifications consist of an extensive collection of restraining orders from editors. Being in charge of this project was karma. Circumstances, though, stalled the project. We thank Frankie for her efforts and spirit and hope she is proud of us for reviving her project.

Andrew Brenton stepped up to offer the publishing resources of Endaxi Press and to do the layout and formatting for e and print versions, and also production and distribution of the print version. This, however was tied to the original deadline which unfortunately we were unable to honour, but would like to thank them for the original offer.

Dan Holloway is a spoken word performer and writes novels heavily influenced by Banana Yoshimoto and Haruki Murakami. The royalties from his novel The Man Who Painted Agnieszka’s Shoes (ebook and paperback) have been donated to the Tsunami Relief Fund in perpetuity.

Videos by Greg McQueen, Sessha Batto, That Girl Tyson. 

Poetry on the blog by Susan May James, Scott Metz, Lynne Rees, Frankie Sachs, Vaishali Shroff.

Book cover art by Daniel Werneck.

“New Sun Rising” song by Daniel Christian.

Sessha Batto turned to writing full time two years ago after a twenty year stint in video production editing, scripting and creating motion graphics. Her first novel Strength of Will is currently being edited for re-release. Her short story "Wintersong" appears in Dancing in the Dark - An Anthology of Erotica. Her latest novel, Shinobi, is out on query.

Greg McQueen is the organizer of 100 Stories for Haiti and 50 Stories for Pakistan. He is also a founding member of the Cabal of Charity Anthologists.

Solange Noir is a photographer, documentary film producer and poet. She is currently writing her first novel which is based in Japan.

Lou Freshwater is working on a Masters degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing, and her work can be found in numerous literary and critical journals. She is also a freelance writer and editor.
Bradley Wind comes from American stock, boiled and baked in pies, fruit mainly. His work can be seen here.

Toni Rakestraw is a freelance editor residing in the Pacific Northwest. She was first published at the tender age of 15. Now, editing at Unbridled Editor keeps her busy, though she usually finds time to write a few book reviews here and there.

Jane Roberts is a freelance writer living in Shropshire, UK. She has a degree in Classics (Cambridge), yet looks nothing like Socrates. Fact and fiction included in various gent’s and women’s magazines, ezines and anthologies. Currently working on first collection of short stories for publication. Likes pseudonyms and green tea.

Diana Mair is a wife, mother, writer and freelance editor. Her first novel stilled the voices in her head. They’re back and helping to develop her next novel.

Jennifer Bogart started her writing career as a technical writer and then branched into copy writing. After a brief sabbatical from the working world (to raise her four children), she has returned to writing full-time.

Ellie is an archaeologist and computer geek. She mostly writes non-fiction.


This page exists because we’ve had a lot of questions asking who we are.

We think what we’re doing here is what really matters.