Thursday, March 17, 2011

Questions about Submissions (1)

I'm getting a lot of questions about submissions--thank you so much, guys, for being excited about this project and so generous with your work.

(And to the people that are getting in touch with me, saying "I don't have any work, but is there anything I can do to help?" -- you rock. If I haven't already put you to work, I'll be in touch shortly. ;)

I've updated the guidelines slightly. We'll look at slightly longer stories--up to around 7,500 words.

The previously published question

For the people that have been asking, we will consider previously published work. Just tell us where and when. We're biased toward previously unpublished work, but I don't want you to hold back sending us something awesome because it was in a now-defunct webzine three years ago. I don't consider work posted on your blog or in an online workshop published.

The simultaneous submission question

Please don't do this to us. It is so much work, going from idea to book in a matter of weeks. Submissions are only open until 11 April, you'll hear from us within 6 weeks for sure. I have nightmares about having to root through our submissions, finding withdrawals, and scrambling at the last minute to readjust the book around gaping holes where someone else has scooped up a work we love. I know it's hard, but please be patient.

Artwork and Photos

As much as I would love beautiful color artwork and photos, it adds a layer of complexity in the "printing" and we just do not have the time. It is okay to attach your art submission--.png, .jpg, or .gif format. Please select one to send--your best, your favorite, something that you feel embodies Japan.

I love the offers to select anything we'd like from your photo blog or your Flickr album; by all means, if you would like to extend that offer, mention it with your submission. (This also applies to people who use their blogs as a place to post poetry or stories.)


We are working really hard on the submissions coming into our email, and some of you are amazingly prolific. We just do not have the time to browse hundreds or thousands of your photos. Have pity, at least send us a sample so we can see what your work is like. If what you send is great but just doesn't quite fit, then we know there's more on offer and we'll get back to you about it.

And thank you guys, again, for all the work you are sending our way. You are amazing.