The Charity

It was a very difficult decision as to which charity or organisation we'd like to donate to.  It was agreed to contribute to an internationally recognised and reputable organisation who had the ability to assist a wide range of people. 

100% of the proceeds raised by selling this anthology will be directed to The Red Cross in Japan.  Contributors, Editors and all staff members have volunteered their time and expertise to ensure the maximum amount heads to where its most needed.

If you'd like to donate money to those affected by the earthquake and tsunami, The Red Cross suggests on its webpage that you contact your national Red Cross/Red Crescent society,  as it may have a specific fundraising campaign within your country.

We intend on sending all proceeds  directly to the Japanese Red Cross Society. You can donate directly online to them as well.  We have been told that all funds received under a specific account set up for the tsunami will be transferred to the Distribution Committee, which is formed around the local governments of the disaster-affected prefectures. These funds will be distributed directly among the affected population. For more information on how your donations will be contributed, please click here. (it will take you to The Red Cross page for more information)