Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Your Questions Answered

We've got a form on our website where people can ask us questions. I promised to answer on the blog. So here they are!

So first, a bunch of you guys want to know if we take non-fiction.
No, we are collecting fiction and poetry and art. There are some other projects going that are open to non-fiction, especially Write for Tohoku. They are asking for non-fiction from authors in Japan.

Lindsay asked: How many submissions have you received already?
Over a hundred, and that's not counting the ones that have sent document attachments (which we can't open, only art should be attached) or multiple submissions (please wait to hear from us before you send more work).

A lot of people have asked to know more about the project, and the people behind it.
We've got an About page on the website where you can read more about who we are. I'm sorry it took so long getting it up; I didn't really feel like editor bios were the most important information about this project. But now you can read all about us. (Though I have no idea why so many of you want to!)

And finally, James asks do I retain the (C) copyright?
Yes. To be perfectly clear, we are asking for permission to use your work in our ebook and print book. We may also ask that you let us make video or audio adaptations of your work in support of this project, permission for it to be read aloud, etc. But only for things that support the New Sun Rising anthology project. All funds in perpetuity go to the Red Cross. We aren't asking to hold onto the rights to your work or limit reprints.

I hope those are good answers! If you've got any additional questions, you can ask them from the website, post them in the comments here, or shoot me an email. (The address is on our Helping Out page.)