Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ToC & where we're at...

The following is a list of accepted pieces as in the editing proof of New Sun Rising.  

From the initial response to last week's post I gather that (extrapolating broadly from the replies I received) those who had work accepted were notified by Frankie.  Those who did not have work accepted were not notified.

If you still have not heard about your submission, I can only apologise on behalf of Frankie Sachs and the rest of the editors.  Unfortunately the project was left hanging and details were not passed on.

Please do double check the following list of 72 accepted pieces to see if your work is there.

We do have the names of those who contributed written submissions (I just haven't posted them here).  However we do not have contact details for said contributors.  So if your work is in the following list, please get in touch!

A note on artwork

While we still have access to submitted artwork we do not have any contributor names or contact details.  If you submitted artwork, please contact us.

A big thank you to all those who submitted, the quality and breadth of work was impressive.


The Brewer’s Son
Himitsu Bako 
The Ambassador of Foreign Affairs
As Leaves Fall
Cherry Blossoms Never Die
Flash, Bullet Train 
Birds in the Trees
Rite of Spring


Bunraku Doll
Something For Hanako
Five Seasons in Japan
two haiku by Elle Lawliette
Worm House
Junko’s Smile
Kimika and the Ants


Fox Fire
Ice Maiden
The Stonecutter
How the Fox Gained Entrance to Paradise
Silver Arrow
Moon Kisses
Satori vs. Non-Satori


The Unfortunate Incident of the Broken Weenie
Struck by the Temple Bell
Godzilla’s tea
Cherry-Blossomed Reverie
Shogun Dreams
Butoh In A Stone Garden 
Sendai Space Elevator 
A Piece in History
Summer Tofu in Kyoto 
The Road to NeoSendai
Japanese Arts


Ueno Park 
What is freedom?
The Hankyu Line
This Space
Walking on Roofs
haiku by Brigita Pavsic
Blue Hearts
Kyoto Moss
Silver Lining
two haiku by Michelle Goode
Steps and Bows in Tokyo
The Poetry Game
Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall
Tokyo Love Story


Riding the Killer Fish
I’m with Baka
three haiku by Neil Schiller
Three posters from Japan
Bento Boxes
Somewhere South of Tokyo
Write What You Know
On the train to Otsu Station
Osaka Underground


The Present Fallen From the SkyGreen Tea
Gyoza Express
Firefly Child
His Japanese Student Speaks to Him After Class
Watching 'The Seven Samurai’
Please Help Me Find the Dollar I Lost
Out Of The Blue
haiku by Jennifer Domingo

Friday, October 14, 2011

New Sun Rising Anthology

At this stage it saddens me to report that contact between Frankie Sachs and her fellow editors on this project has been lost.  Despite numerous attempts to contact her, she has not been in touch for many months. New Sun Rising was initiated by Frankie, it was her brainchild.  All submissions went through Frankie.  She then removed names and contact details and posted them in a private forum so editors could vote.  After selections were made Frankie was to contact all contributors.

It was at this point that we started to lose touch with Frankie.  We do not know if she contacted everybody or not.  We do have a proof (text only) that was put forward for editing but we do not have any contact details for any of the writers involved.  Nor do we have contact information to go with any of the artwork that was submitted.  

During the last few weeks a number of us have rallied together to try to save the project.  A new publisher has been found and we are looking for a way forward.  It has been agreed that if the project goes ahead it will be marketed as an anniversary anthology.  In which case, the launch date will coincide with the anniversary of the disasters in Japan.

However many loose ends remain.  If anyone has any information on Frankie, or knows her personally, please get in touch.  If you contributed to the anthology in any way, again please get in touch.

It is disheartening when things like this happen.  Many people put a lot of time into this anthology.  The submissions were fantastic and it was a pleasure to read them.  We'd like to thank everybody for their hard work.  

The  high number of submissions for such a worthy cause was truly heart warming.