Friday, August 17, 2012

Success Spotlight on Brigita Orel

Brigita Orel is one of New Sun Rising's contributors who has enjoyed a momentum of successes this year.

Her short story 'Her Only Fruit' has just been published by Eunoia Review. She wrote the story as part of her final project for her master's study in writing at Swinburne. 

Another flash fiction piece  by her will be included in the second volume of the Machine of Death anthology. The editors descibed it as 'A quiet story of a loving relationship.' The first volume of stories about people who know how they will die was published in 2010 and became the best selling book on Amazon on the day of its publication. For more information on the second volume, visit the book's website.

'Afterthought' was published in Foliate Oak Literary Journal  and received honorable mention at the Arkansas College Media Association 2012 Conference. 

For other recent publications, visit Brigita's blog.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Interview with Bard Fox Dunham

Bard Fox Dunham is one of our amazing contributors and has graciously agreed to answer a few questions about his work in progress and successes in the past few months.

Bard Fox, you are always so busy with your writing, what have you been up to lately?

It’s been a good few weeks. I’ve had to retire from my writing for a short time to deal with a nasty heart issue that is proving serious. I’ve constantly labored at my scribbling, and I’ve had accepted over 150 pieces in the last 18 months. It is growing steadily. My first novella will be released soon as part of the New World Series, and I hope to finish my second for Hazardous Press as soon as I regain my strength. This is just the beginning. I spent the last 5 days in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania, enjoying the fresh air, the fishing, and seeking the spirits of the land and lake. You can see photos on my facebook page:

What sort of inspiration did you come away with after this break?

I’ve come home with a cauldron teeming with story sundries. I sucked in the milieu, the people, and it has nourished my thinning spirit. I will return to work anon even with this invasive treatment in which my cardiologists wish to engage. It is my life support.

Also published is my story, Love Always Comes for You. This another of my hard-boiled pieces, and it is a sequel to my story, Reflexes. Both pieces are published by Pulp Metal Press, an online journal. I’ll enclose links to both:


Your stories are always inspirational. What would you like to say to newcomers and fans of your work?

I hope all of you are doing well, and please let me know what’s going on in your lives. It is for all of you that I remain in this world. I keep writing for you.

And so many stories being published. I’ll try to keep you all updated. I have an international and growing fan base, and together, we are pushing a movement. Soon, the serious work will begin. I’m preparing for battle. I’m going to war.

Please drop me some notes after my stories, on my Facebook page or follow me at twitter:

Twitter: or @TFoxDunham

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Success Spotlight - Catherine Edmunds

Serpentine is the new novel by writer and artist Catherine Edmunds, published by Circaidy Gregory Press. We are delighted to share her success and encourage our readers to support her along her journey.

Art is the proper task of life (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Painting isn’t a job – it’s the reason for Victoria’s very existence – so how is she to bridge the gap between her art and her private life? José gives her the intensity she craves, but has no interest in her as an artist. Simon offers a mature and loving relationship, but his gentleness and inability to understand her compulsions drive her to distraction. And then there’s John – a man who understands exactly who she is, but unnerves her with his perspicacity and potentially violent nature. Victoria’s friend Emma has bruises on her face and Victoria thinks she knows who put them there. 
Throughout it all she paints: tying down memories in cadmium yellow, burning canvases that reveal too much, hoping to find a way to pay the bills.  
The novel poses many questions. Why do contemporary artists do what they do? Why are they so seemingly hell-bent on self destruction? And above all, what does all that stuff in Tate Modern really mean? 

The story is set in London and the North East of England. The author knows these locations intimately. She has visited the London galleries and seen the work that has moved Victoria to tears; she’s walked on the beach at Alnmouth as the haar rolls in; and she’s been drawn back time and time again to the glory that is Durham Cathedral. Most importantly, she’s sat shivering with her easel next to the cold grey North Sea and understands the compulsion that drives Victoria: the absolute need to paint.

Serpentine is available now as an e-book in all standard formats, with the paperback version to follow in October 2012. Visit the publisher’s website for ordering information.

Reviews and further details can be found on the author’s website.

A story with impact. Vivid, important and highly readable.  Mandy Pannett
I’m no artist, but while reading this book I felt like one. It’s a riveting journey. Angela Bodine.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oonah V Joslin Interview

Oonah found time in her busy schedual to answer a few questions about her invovlement with New Sun Rising and on the projects she is working on now.

Title of piece contributed to New Sun Rising
Rite of Spring.

What was the inspiration behind your piece?
Journalist Jon Snow’s reports from Japan in the week after the Tsunami were both poignant and detailed and I decided that if there was anything I could do to help rebuild lives there, I would.

What sorts of works/genres/ materials do you normally produce?
I write poetry and flash fiction. Nearly all of my work is under 1000 words and that is by choice. I am not one of those who sees flash fiction as a way of practising writing skills. To me Flash is an end unto itself. I love micro-fiction and have three times won at

What attracted you to this? 
It was ideal. I have only the wealth of words at my disposal.

Who are your models or those you draw inspiration from?
I always wanted to write like Isaac Asimov. I draw inspiration from everywhere but I frequently start in the forums at Writewords. In fact this story started there too.

What are you working on right now?
Lots! As well as this publication, I am promoting the recently published Writewords PANGEA Anthology which also contains one of my stories and I am doing Blog Interviews with other writers for that in September. Later this season I will promoting Every Day Poets’ Anthology TWO. I am Managing Editor. I have been invited once again this year to help judge the Microhorror Hallowe’en Contest, always a great pleasure to work with Nathan Rosen. Writing-wise I am putting together a Kindle Book of my flash fiction both old and new works. Hopefully be available early next year. Also I am working on a sequel to my novella, A Genie in a Jam, published in Bewildering Stories and poetry is on-going. I try to at least start a poem every week and of course, I am forever revising.

 For more information on Oonah and her incredible collections, please check out the links below.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yamato Nadeshiko

This beautiful poem was donated to our blog, not only to highlight its creators talent - but to bring attention to an important 'rematch'. On Thursday, the US women will be playing the Japanese in the Olympic final, a rematch of the 2011 final that inspired the poem. Thank you to Uche Ogbuji for gifting this piece.

Yamato Nadeshiko

Women's World Cup Final, 2011

Nippon, land and lore
Invokes such fascination,
All to be admired…
No! Not all to be admired…
Such bold type of shy contrasts.

This heavy year brought
You uncompromising suffering;
What heart did not feel
Those twin spread sensations
Collapsed into one keen touch.

Now, these few months on
Your Blue Samurai ladies
Infect us with will;
We too taste the blood red disc
In it's white, inductive field,

White of that banner,
Its plain, stark humility
Shading coiled up strength.
Those black, roman letters seem
To draw us in your circle.

Do we still have doubts,
Seek signs of outbound contempt?
It's best we don't hedge;
When grace gives unwavering voice
Mustn't we take her at her word?

The pink bloom unveiled:
"To our friends around the world
Thanks for your support."
And what openings shall follow
Come what may these more-than-games?

published with permission from the author - Uche Ogbuji

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Success Spotlight - Mark Kerstetter

Mark Kerstetter, author of the three haibun included in the Anthology New Sun Rising ( 'This Space', 'Write What You Know' and 'As Leaves Fall') has had some poems published recently. 

The first poem, entitled 'Wilhelm Reich in Lewisburg', was published by Evergreen Review.

The second publication is an interview and three poems at Connotation Press. One of the poems is entitled 'The Buffing Wheel' which is inspired by the life and work of the Japanese American artist Isamu Noguchi.

Please join the rest of our community in congratulating him on these successes.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Interview with Simon Paul Wilson

We were lucky enough to catch up with Simon Paul Wilson and ask a few questions about his work and his submission, "Kibou" to New Sun Rising.

  What was the inspiration behind your piece? The inspiration behind Kibou was hope. Even in the darkest of times, there is always hope.

  Why did you decide to donate this to charity? I have been lucky enough to travel to many parts of Asia and find that part of the world both beautiful and magical. The news of the tsunami in Japan was truly shocking. After seeing the scale of devastation on the news, I looked for some way that I could help. So when I was approached to contribute a peice of work to the New Sun Rising project, I leapt at the chance. To be published for the first time is an amazing feeling. To help a country I have a deep love for is an honour.

 What sorts of works/genres/ materials do you normally produce? Kibou is a good example of what I usually write. More often than not, my stories feature a kooky Japanese girl in some sort of surreal situation. I also like to sneak in a dash of horror and a pinch of comedy, just for good measure.

 What attracted you to this style? I grew up reading horror novels, so have always been interested in that genre. The liking for the surreal came as my reading tastes developed. Personally, I like to read stories that draw from multiple genres as I feel it keeps the reader interested and on their toes!
Who are your models or those you draw inspiration from? A lot of my inspiration comes from Asian cinema and literature. Park Chan-Wook is an amazing director and I consider his films as works of genius. As for writers, Haruki Murakami and Banana Yoshimoto are huge influences. I also admire the work of Yoko Ogawa and Xiaolu Guo.

What are you working on right now? I have a novella called 'See You When The World Ends' which is nearing completion and am also working on two full length novels entitled 'GhostCityGirl' and 'Indigo'. My first novel, 'Yuko Zen Is Somewhere Else', is currently being submitted to anyone who may be interested!

Thanks for chatting to us and for donating your wonderful piece to the Anthology.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Success Spotlight - Kyle Hemmings

We are delighted to share the milestones Kyle Hemming has reached this year.  He has a free chapbook up at Scars Publications titled Anime Junkie. It's a collection of prose poems and flash fictions based on Manga. He also did a reading at the KGB bar on June 23, 2012.


Kyle's latest ebook for kindle is You Never Die in Wholes that features a wide range of both early and latter stories.. His latest collection of prose poems is The Truth about Onions.

Kyle has upcoming work in Unlikely Stories and in Corvus.  You can find out more about Kyle from his website.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Another of our talented poets, Nora Nadjarian has some great news on her work.

She is delighted to announce that her poem "The Name" was the winner of the unFold 2012 Poetry Garden Show.

Her ultra-short story "Tell Me Words" is one of the honorees in the Ninth Annual International Ultra-Short Competition sponsored by The Binnacle at The University of Maine at Machias. They received over 825 submissions from twenty-five countries and six continents. Nora says that she was  very happy that her story was selected! 

If you are interested in seeing more of her work -  look out for her mini book "The Girl and the Rain" just out from Turtleneck Press.

In others news, she has just found out (yesterday) that her poem "Wanderlust" will be included in the Limerick Writers’ Centre themed Love anthology, due to be published in the early Spring of 2013 in Ireland.

Congratulations Nora - all well deserved honurs.