Wednesday, March 16, 2011

By the skin of my teeth

I cannot believe it is only Tuesday. Well, Wednesday now. A few hours in.

This project, it started out on Sunday afternoon with just the slip of an idea for this thing, and you guys reached out with open arms and embraced it.

I am overwhelmed, I do not have words for how grateful I am to all of you. Maybe I would be able to find them if I were not so tired, but I doubt it. Sometimes the magnitude of a thing defies expression.

The facebook page is up, finally. (I swear, I meant to do it yesterday, but I just didn't get there.) I was getting ready for bed. Then I realized I forgot to blog about some other fund-raising projects for charities working in Japan.

I thought about going to bed anyway, but I don't know when I would find the time. And it's too important to get lost.

There's the Authors for Japan auction going on. They have some fabulous stuff. Like a signed copy of The Man Who Painted Agnieszka’s Shoes and the original cover art. (Dan Holloway's encouragement and support was instrumental in starting the New Sun Rising snowball on its journey down the mountain.)

Go. Look. Spend unwisely.

Also in author related fundraising, Stella Deleuze is giving 100% of the sales from her Kindle book to the British Red Cross. Go on, check it out.

(Now I'll go to bed. I promise, Sessha.)