Monday, March 21, 2011

Only three steps...

a child's drawing
ladder to the sun
only three steps

...this is how goes my favourite Haiku by Scott Metz of the Haiku Foundation. A Haiku is characterised by its sheer simplicity. In as little as 5 syllables (1/3/1)or as many as 17 syllables (5/7/5), one can express and capture myriad emotions, messages, and moments.

Basho, Buson, and Issa, amongst others, are considered as the Masters of this fine art of Japanese poetry.

The Haiku Foundation ( is one of the most informative sites to learn more about Haiku; the Masters and Poets behind all forms of Haiku, be it traditional, urban, or modern.

New Sun Rising honors Haiku as one of Japan’s most revered literary forms and solicits your entries for our book. So let's celebrate Japan, its culture, its people, its art!

And as for my answer to Scott Metz's Haiku:

only three steps
in a journey of miles;
a child’s play

...and I'm on my way!