Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Submission Guidelines: World Poetry Day Edition

For your delight and general edification on World Poetry Day

Our Submission Guidelines

Rendered in unpalatable verse

by the inimitable (and why would you want to?) Frankie Sachs

Please send us a story,
just one, and no more.
Three flash or three poems,
up to five haiku.
Please no attachments,
.doc your virus at the door.
We'll take .jpg of your art,
send lots of manga too.

No tsunamis or radiation,
and please no earthquakes,
Sad is okay, scary is too,
but no more disaster,
we're begging you.
We all have to read it,
and it makes our hearts ache.
(You'll get an answer faster
without weeping breaks.)

We want stories of Japan,
the old and the new.
Write what represents
the country to you.
Subs close on April 11
so send your work soon.


The full guidelines are on our website.

Do not send us poetry like this. I am serious. -Frankie