Sunday, February 19, 2012

Peeping at the Horizon

Its been a busy fortnight for our wonderful team of volunteers.  We intend on using this blog to keep everyone in the loop, rather than send out a myriad of emails. Particularly as it gets closer to launch and publication, we are certain contributors will want to direct others here.

Whats New?

Contracts have been sent out to all successful submissions. We are so delighted to have such a warm response and understanding replies as they are returned.

We are working on the website to showcase all of our contributors with a photo and a bio - so keep a eye out as they get posted up.

What if I got sick of waiting and submitted my work elsewhere?

We can only imagine the frustration you must have felt over the months as the project stood at a standstill and we would like to assure you that we intend seeing it completed and the book published. Obviously, we are mindful that when a publication halts, contributors seek different markets for their work and we understand if the work you initially contributed has been entered or submitted elsewhere. We would be more than happy to accept it for publication as long as the market in which it has already been published allows this. Please check your legal obligations with the other parties before agreeing to allow us to use it.

Whats on the timeline in the near future?

We have given contributors until the last week of March to give consent and return contracts.  After that time, our team will be in contact with individuals with regards to any suggestions of edits.

Stay tuned as we progress. Thanks again for your support and understanding with this wonderful project.