Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Sun Rising - like a Phoenix - begins its ascension into 2012

Dear Contributors, Volunteers and  Supporters

There is a small group involved with the project who feel strongly that this book must go ahead, not only on behalf of the contributers, but more importantly to honour the initial aims of this charity anthology.

We have been able to collect the email addresses for most of the submitted fiction, haiku and poetry and are still searching for contact details of any contributing artists whose work had been selected. 

We will be emailing you with a contract and would be most grateful for your attention and speedy return reply with this.  After a long rest - we'd like to get this project completed, raise money for our intended charity and be able to forward it on to them in as quick a timeframe as we can.

We are looking into publishing avenues - kindle etc, and POD and will keep those involved in the loop via this blog.

Please direct any further enquires to the New Sun Rising Project Editors

Thank you once again for your patience and understanding.