Monday, April 29, 2013

Gold Medal eLit award to New Sun Rising

Such exciting news to share!

The electronic version of the Charity Anthology - New Sun Rising been awarded a GOLD medal eLit Book Award - which is pretty cool, given there are thousands of entrants from round the world.

There is an awards ceremony in New York in about a month or so time, which sadly - as much as I'd love to jet off and go - I can't make it.. A huge thanks to the contributors who live around there and have offered to go in my stead. As soon as any information about the awards ceremony comes to hand, you can be sure that it will be posted here.

There are so many people who put in countless hours to ensure that this project didn't die. I'd like to publicly thank Sylvia Petter who has been the driving force for so long on this. She is an amazing inspiration to anyone who works with her.

The project stumbled a number of times, but was always held together by a wonderful editorial team - and now is still enjoying awards and sales - which I may add are still being sent to the Japanese Red Cross.

 If you haven’t read it yet, you can buy the anthology in e-book ($5) or paperback ($10.05) from Amazon.  Now you have an even bigger excuse to read it - its an Award Winning book!!

new sun rising - cover by daniel werneck - WITH BLEEDING AREA