Monday, November 19, 2012

New Sun Rising On Amazon - as a BOOK!!

The last comma has been checked.
Page numbers have been inserted.
Arguments Discussions on spacing have been finalised.
Our ever supportive and enthusiastic contributors are nearly sick of  excited about reading proofs. Feedback has been acted upon. Everything is looking polished.

The button has been pressed.

All our hard work - and your faith has lead us to this moment. New Sun Rising will soon be available on Amazon as a printed book.

Within a few days,  I will post a short blurb with links to where you can purchase the book. At that time, I would encourage you to share the link and ask friends, neighbours and fans to buy the book - or to spread the word.

100% of profits are sent to the Red Cross in Japan. (Amazon's percentage is the only money from the sales which do not get donated)

There is still so much suffering in Japan. Every cent - and we mean every cent - goes to assist the many projects happening to rebuild Japan. We have been blessed to have been surrounded by so many selfless volunteers - editors, artists, writers, poets, publisher - all who have freely given their expertise and time to ensure the project goes ahead and all money raised is directed to the Red Cross.

The anthology is amazing. The talent showcased is breathtaking. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Its been a long journey - but we have made it.