Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oonah V Joslin Interview

Oonah found time in her busy schedual to answer a few questions about her invovlement with New Sun Rising and on the projects she is working on now.

Title of piece contributed to New Sun Rising
Rite of Spring.

What was the inspiration behind your piece?
Journalist Jon Snow’s reports from Japan in the week after the Tsunami were both poignant and detailed and I decided that if there was anything I could do to help rebuild lives there, I would.

What sorts of works/genres/ materials do you normally produce?
I write poetry and flash fiction. Nearly all of my work is under 1000 words and that is by choice. I am not one of those who sees flash fiction as a way of practising writing skills. To me Flash is an end unto itself. I love micro-fiction and have three times won at

What attracted you to this? 
It was ideal. I have only the wealth of words at my disposal.

Who are your models or those you draw inspiration from?
I always wanted to write like Isaac Asimov. I draw inspiration from everywhere but I frequently start in the forums at Writewords. In fact this story started there too.

What are you working on right now?
Lots! As well as this publication, I am promoting the recently published Writewords PANGEA Anthology which also contains one of my stories and I am doing Blog Interviews with other writers for that in September. Later this season I will promoting Every Day Poets’ Anthology TWO. I am Managing Editor. I have been invited once again this year to help judge the Microhorror Hallowe’en Contest, always a great pleasure to work with Nathan Rosen. Writing-wise I am putting together a Kindle Book of my flash fiction both old and new works. Hopefully be available early next year. Also I am working on a sequel to my novella, A Genie in a Jam, published in Bewildering Stories and poetry is on-going. I try to at least start a poem every week and of course, I am forever revising.

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