Thursday, March 8, 2012

Anniversary Looming

On March 11 last year  a 9.0-magnitude earthquake triggered an epic-scale tsunami off the coast of Japan. Although it is still difficult to calculate, it has been claimed that an estimated 19,000 people were killed in those moments. Dozens of communities were obliterated. Sources believe that there more than 3,000 still remain missing.

It is incomprehensible to most people the devastation which occurred. Incomprehensible too is the discovery that a huge percentage of people from the areas affected live in desperation, their plight forgotten by most of the world.

It is for these people that we continue our pledge to publish this anthology.  We believe, no matter what size a donation, our input will have a positive effect.  Our greatest gift in undertaking this project is to keep  the victims of the tsunami in Japan at the forefront of the publics mind.

We ask that on Sunday you blog about the events in Japan. Explore the variety of reputable organisations who continue to work with the communities. Raise the awareness of these peoples plight and need amongst your network..... and add a link back to us.

We have a huge article and discussion planned for the anniversary and would welcome your thoughts and prayers on that day.