Friday, October 14, 2011

New Sun Rising Anthology

At this stage it saddens me to report that contact between Frankie Sachs and her fellow editors on this project has been lost.  Despite numerous attempts to contact her, she has not been in touch for many months. New Sun Rising was initiated by Frankie, it was her brainchild.  All submissions went through Frankie.  She then removed names and contact details and posted them in a private forum so editors could vote.  After selections were made Frankie was to contact all contributors.

It was at this point that we started to lose touch with Frankie.  We do not know if she contacted everybody or not.  We do have a proof (text only) that was put forward for editing but we do not have any contact details for any of the writers involved.  Nor do we have contact information to go with any of the artwork that was submitted.  

During the last few weeks a number of us have rallied together to try to save the project.  A new publisher has been found and we are looking for a way forward.  It has been agreed that if the project goes ahead it will be marketed as an anniversary anthology.  In which case, the launch date will coincide with the anniversary of the disasters in Japan.

However many loose ends remain.  If anyone has any information on Frankie, or knows her personally, please get in touch.  If you contributed to the anthology in any way, again please get in touch.

It is disheartening when things like this happen.  Many people put a lot of time into this anthology.  The submissions were fantastic and it was a pleasure to read them.  We'd like to thank everybody for their hard work.  

The  high number of submissions for such a worthy cause was truly heart warming.